xXSmack|Cuts - CoolbeanzXx

So here's something new to the blog - Smack|Cuts

Smack|Cuts are unfortunately commissions that for some reason end up on the "cutting room" floor. A couple months ago I was approached by musician and sergeant for Nerd's Honor Rencen Coolbeanz to do artwork for his upcoming album Cyberpimp. The work would have become the booklet for his album along with poster, but unfortunately things didn't work out and he didn't end up using the art. So, with that said, I present to you the artwork that would've been presented for the album...

So even though it didn't work out, I'm definitely sure the music will be on point. So make sure to check out Rencen's album Cyberpimp coming out sometime this year!


Samax said…
not for nothin' but why would he NOT use this?
this shit is DOPE!!!!
Sean Mack! said…
It just didn't meet up with the style he originally wanted so it's all good. Dude's still good peoples.

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