xXIdentical Variant x WHUTUPDOEXx

If you frequent this blog, you know all about my work with IV and you know I designed for the banner for WHUTUPDOE. Well Marcel (WHUTUPDOE.COM) hit me and Randall up about making a collaboration between the two soon-to-be powerful forces to combine into one awesome incredible wall of awesome. And this shirt is what came out of the creation. A shirt that is an expression of everything the two entities is about - the freshness and creativeness of IV and the loves for "BARS!" and cats that go a "rappity rapping" from WHUTUPDOE. Designed by me, the shirt already available for sale as we speak...

But the MAIN reason for the shirts is to also celebrate the launch party for WHUTUPDOE that is happening in Detroit tomorrow at the famous Shelter (yeah, non Detroit people. The same one from 8 Mile) located in St. Andrews. The show is full of dope acts all about the "rappity rapping." Hell, the guy I got "rappity rapping" is gonna on the bill as well! (Buff1)

The shirts will also be sold during the show so if you're in the area definitely come out and support both causes. Hell, you might even see me there. Some come see dudes spit that hot fire and get a dope shirt as well...

...just keep your hands off any 3xLs or I will karate chop your insides.


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