xXSmack! Houghton-difiedXx

And as with the Reed Gunther pin-up I did for Chris, this is what I just received in the mail after I got out of one of the most brain draining classes known to art college. (Yay, Philosophy of Arts)

This, people? This...is...AWESOME! From Chris' already established style to the inclusion of past characters to cleavage, this is pin-up right here is OFFICIAL!

And this also has me inspired to at least TRY to write up some new SC scripts. I know I've been incredibly busy with Revolutionary Times but there hasn't been a day where I want to at least do some more SC comics! So thank you, Chris. You have inspired me to get up off my lazy ass....and sit my lazy ass back down to draw some more comics. So stay tuned, true believers. Stay tuned....


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