xXSmack Peek: Reed Gunther x WarningXx

It's all about the Smack Peeks, baby. (Take that, take that)...

Here's a small sample of the pin-up I concocted for the Houghton Brothers western hero Reed Gunther. Once again if you aren't up on that you definitely need to pick yourself up a copy. A combination of Chris' amazing art mixed with his brother Shane's quirky and all for nothing storytelling combines into a great comic that I'm sure you'll be enjoying from front to back.

...and here a sneak peek of the newest addition to "The Art of Noise" series, this one my own rendition of Biggie's "Warning."

Usually I would have something witty to say after this but...I'm burned out. To be continued for next post.

'Til then I'm Ghost....zzzzzzzzzzzhuhwhat? Oh my bad, face.


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