xXSmack Peek: The Random Ish EditionXx

It's been a while, ol' art blog. I know I neglected you. It's gonna be okay. I'll take you out to a nice Red Lobster dinner with all the fixings and we can go out on the town.

...or I could just put some art up here. That'll work? Whew, good. I'm a college senior. I ain't got Red Lobster stacks on me.

So here's some Smack Peeks (yeah I'm keeping that name) of some upcoming projects that I've been slowly working on. I'm not even gonna say anymore on them just to keep that whole mysterious atmosphere. Just know that ONE of them is a comic. Ooooh, I know. Vague. Mysterious. All that good junk...

Also on some tidbit news...

- My piece for The Dirty Show got accepted so I should be sending that in hopefully sometime this week.

- Thanks to a conversation with fellow (awesome) artist Chris Houghton, the deal has been sealed: He's going to draw a pin-up for The Smack! Chronicles and I'm doing one for his comic Reed Gunther. And if you haven't checked that out then I suggest you get yourself a copy immediately!

- My girl Kirby finally revamped (or refreaked in her words) her blog and you might see a familiar banner on there. It was done. By this guy. You might know. Looks like a black Chuck Norris. But anyways head over there and check out her Kirbalicous words of wisdom and always be sure to check out her radio show "The One O'Clock Takeover" every Tuesday at 1PM on WXOU Radio (88.3 FM)

- And you watched the VMAs right? Of course you did. Brandon did too. And I just saw clips of it. So you already we gotta have our opinons on it so head over to the Revolutionary Times blog and see both of our views on that Kanye/Taylor Swift AND Obama/Joe Wilson situations.

And with that said, I'm Ghost...wait for it...FACE! GHOSTFACE! (word to Barney Stinston)


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