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What's good, people? I know it's been a while but the semester's over, I'm looking for work, and getting sick in the process. Great way to start the summer right? But don't get it twisted, still working on some new Revolutionary Times while Brandon cooks up more strips, and maybe possibly one or three Smack Chronicles joints in between. Also the freelancing game is still going, possible shirt designs for the BLAT! Pack (JYoung the General and P.H.I.L.T.H.Y). a possible comic gig (more on that later if it works out), oh and I'm even getting into the website designing game. Don't worry tho, Britt, I ain't taking your job.

Speaking of freelancing, let me go ahead and drop my recent job down since it's all paid for. Minar Douse, head of Major Way Entertainment, contacted me a while ago to redesign and clean up their current logo. He also wanted me to design a simple logo for a side project that they're concocting over there entitled "Pusherman."

So more freelancing jobs on the way but doesn't mean I ain't got time for any more on my plate. If you're looking for any sequential work, character design, concept art, album cover, poster/flyer, or logo design feel free to contact me. My contact info can be found on the right side of the page.

xAnimation Dope Fiend Hourx
As to prepare myself for my first animation for my last semester I've been well emerged in animation these days. Here's some of the things that have keep me induced in the ani-drug.

And that's about it for the second. As always, I'm Ghost...face


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