xX1Word - A J Dilla Tribute x The Hallway ShowXx

As you know, I'm all about showing support to my friends. Well here are two projects that I think everyone should take a look at...

xX1Word | Dilla by Patrick DalyXx

My boy Patrick Daly, photographer extraordinaire, has been putting together this book for start of this whole year. Using his talents, he put together a collection of polaroids signed by various musicians, producers, friends, and family of late great Detroit producer/emcee J. Dilla. Now y'all know how I feel about Dilla's music so you know this already has the Smack stamp of approval. It's on sale now so head over to http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/680351 and show the homie Pat some support.

And more of Pat's work head over to his website - http://www.patrickdalyphoto.com/

xXThe Hallway Show by Nikki DeSautelle x Matt DeBeulXx

Over the last two semesters, the Illustration hall of CCS decided to do this various mini shows, a collection of sketchbook art done by the students based on different subjects and topics ranging from Michael Moore to Lucielle Ball to Lil' Wayne. Nikki and Matt (now CCS Alumni lol) decided to put it all together into one neat package and put it out there in book form.

Here's a list of just some of the contributing artists in the book:
Anthony Baez
Chris Barr
Matt DeBuel
Nikki DeSautelle
Wesley Eggebracht
Maria Filar
Andy Gabrysiak
Ben Jose Harris
Kassandra Heller
Chris Hougton
Sarah Ihrke
Chelsea Kirchoff
Matt Leese
Sean Mack (Hey that's me!)
Randall Pointer
Mario Moore
Rachael Olek
...and many more!

So head over to the Lulu page and go cop yourself a copy. It's also available for free download but what's better than the actual physical book in your hands?

With that I'm Ghost...face


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