xXLions, Tigers, Insomnia, Oh MyXx

Yo, I'm tired...
...like REALLY tired.

As I type this I have officially spent two days of no sleep in order to finish up this project that is for a poster contest held by the Detroit Zoo. The contest was given to CCS's Illustration department juniors/seniors and everyone, like myself, have been busting their asses off just to get this joint done.

Only I didn't realize it was due today.

So quickly getting pass the "Oh &#@!"s, I cracked down on the idea that I had that took an element of the zoo and incorporated it with my stylized drawing. Stocked up on the caffeinated drinks and energy shots, and prepared for a week of non-stop zombification. And I finally got it done. Like just a little while ago. Do you know how that feeling felt?

In the words of Cam'ron. "I put my two arms up, touchdown!"

Now all I have to do is get it printed out, mounted, and handed over to Dave and Don. That's not too much, right? Yeah I ain't think so either. Of course I can't show off the final design UNTIL the contest is over but as soon as that day comes, it'll be posted up on here. For now, just take this sneak peek as...well...a sneak peek.

Me? I'm going to get in 30 minutes worth of sleep before I have to get this mug prepped...
...and "The Champ is Here" by Jadakiss just popped up on my iTunes. Win.



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