RED: Chapter Two - ON SALE NOW!

After about two years of work, the second book in the RED series, titled “Chapter Two (Love + Lust)”, is finally out! The book continues the tradition of its predecessor with its vibrant illustrations of beautiful women who helped inspired art including L. Shima and Vanessa Veasley and also by the amazing photography of Andres Latorre, Bree Gant, and Darius Baber all the while celebrating the ideas of love, lust, and the color RED.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported and helped with the RED series since I started it back in 2013. I couldn’t imagine it going this far and who knows where it’ll go if this book catches wind of some success. Now go get yourself a copy!

RED: CHAPTER TWO (LOVE + LUST): Physical (Amazon) - $25.99 | Digital - $10

Along with Chapter Two, the physical version of the mini-book companion "Warmth" is also finally on sale!

RED: WARMTH: Physical (Amazon) - $15.99 | Digital - Vol. 1 / Vol. 2 - $8.99


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