The Carey Sisters X Smack!

I like to call this "Smack! Bombin'" 
I've been blasting this and the "prints" news all over Twitter, I'm sure someone's unfollowed me by now. Ah well. So someone gave these two lovely ladies the bright idea of putting me on their show tonight. Well that someone was Senor Ketchum and it may or may not be the worst idea ever. They might cancel their show after my interview solely based on the possible nonsense I may say. Or it may be an excellent interview and I won't forever scar these awesome ladies.

Either way it turns out, tune into The Carey Sisters' show tonight at 8PM PT/11PM ET (this is Smack/Michigan time for you folks that didn't follow that class) and find out. Click on the picture above to head over to their page on

And as soon as the interview is posted up, I'll update this post with it in its full glory.
UPDATE: And boom, just like that. Magic, son.

...I'll learn how to speak. One day. I promise.


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