*Insert Catchy "End Of Year" Title Here*

2010? Fin. 2011? Stairway to Heaven.

Wait...what? I don't really know where that came from. I apologize.

Anyways, 2010. What a year. So much personal grown and stress all in the matter of twelve months. I finally graduated (twice) and officially started my venture into freelance illustration. And I gotta stay, tis been a journey. It truly has. A couple of ups, a lot of downs, and some in-betweens. But I took it with stride and have kept going on.


5 A.M. Flow

Because my brain couldn't function correctly so I just started drawing random things. 


New Sh!t Newday - No. 82

The Revolutionary Times - No. 82 "To Be Continued..."
We announce that main comics will be taking a break as we work on a major storyline we've been developing on for a while now. We'll be back though. And it will be awesome.


Yawn of Cthulhu

You know your sleep schedule is ass when you see tiny Cthulhus rummaging through your breakfast and coffee.

…and I still haven’t slept yet.


Buffay Will Knock It Out Of This World

And now I present to you the greatest moment in my artistic history, thanks to this commission from the homie Buffay for his upcoming single “EEE TEE.” You know it’s intriguing. Don’t lie.

(Click the pic for the uncensored NSFW "yay for boobies" version)


JYoung x OneBeLo x J.A.E. x Mae Day...

The first single off of JYoung The General's sequel project Black History Year, Vol. 2. Dropping this Thursday. Stay tuned.


New Sh!t Newday - No. 81

The Revolutionary Times - No. 81 "Revenge Of The Nerd"
The Revolutionaries' animal task force witnesses a four eyed miracle on their undercover mission.