xXApril Cool's DayXx

The day has arrived and the cool is in fool effect. The debut album from Cold Men Young is finally available for your listening ears. Complete with painstakingly awesome art by some guy who runs this blog (no one cares), the album is a certified must have. The intro track that features Mic Write's poetic side sets up the entire feel of the album and it doesn't disappoint even til the last song...
Cold Men Young’s freshmen effort, Champagne Nights/Red Stripe Budget, is a soundtrack for any individual taking life one day at a time. Despite current economic and social issues Cold Men Young’s album conveys the message of carpe diem very clear: Have Fun; Live Life; Dream.
<a href="http://coldmenyoung.com/album/champagne-nights-red-stripe-budget">Intro by Cold Men Young</a>

Oh yeah...it's FREE! Come on now.


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