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What's up with the weird title? I thought I'd take my friend Brandi's words since this post is mainly about my friends and THEIR blogs. We'll get to the art afterwards.

So yeah, I'm basically gonna need y'all to go to here ( and here ( The first link belongs to my friend Rachael who is a wonderful artist. Her work always has a way of making me feel good inside for some reason. And the second link is a collaboration effort that I'm taking part of along with Wes Eggebracht, Matt Byle, Scott Daly, and other great artists. I've only added one thing to the pot but I'm working on some stuff. So you should definitely head to those blogs and give these great artists love, aiight?

Aiight, what were we talking about earlier? Oh yeah, ART, son!
"Only One Wish (Cyberpunk Aladdin)"
"Attack of the Hun!"
That should be enough to furfill that thirst you have for Smack art.
...hey, I'm trying to build my swagger up so excuse the extra big head I'm trying to get.

- S.Mack


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