xXI Miss YouXx

First and foremost I would to say Rest in Peace to my grandmother Naomi Bender. I know she's in a better place now and I only wish that I spent more time with her when I had the chance.
Here's some things that I've done since the last post. It's not everything but it's the gist of it...

New comic...in brand new CHIBI style (kinda).

Christmas present for my friend Domenique...

...and a design I did for my boy Randall's upcoming clothing "Identical Variant." I'll have a post of its own explaining that soon.
And with that, I take my leave. Remember to cherish the ones you love when you still have time.


I really like all of your pieces in this post and your ability to capture such a wide range of emotion.

Keep it up, Smack!

P.S. You left out the E in my first name! It's ChelsEa!

I linked you by the way.

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