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xXRoc Boys In The Building Tonite!Xx

This is a mixtape cover. Whose mixtape cover, do you ask? Well it will be the featured cover to the artist Big Sean's new mixtape "Finally Famous." Big Sean? Never heard of him? Well he's been recently signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D (Getting Out Our Dreams) record label. How did I get the chance to do his cover? Well, it started with this...

A promo that I did for a party for a well known club in Detroit called Club Bleu. I had worked with one of the people hosting the party before so he had called me up and asked if I wanted to draw up a couple characters based on the people responsible for the party. Big Sean happened to be one of them, along with artists Big Shan, Young Lex, Ill Street Blues, and P.L. Punchlines who all were on the song they made EXCLUSIVELY for the party (A theme song for a party? Crazy right?). So yeah, that's how I got to do this project for the guy and I'm glad I was able to do it. I was also able to do this design that will be on P.L. Punchline's new CD as well...

So that's the deal, people. Hopefully more work like this will be on the way. Just as long as I can get that and school work done, ya dig.



cherrycobra said…
Yo, I saw some of ya stuff on the IC. Youre really talented, keep it up bruh.

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