xXHappy Turkey Forkstab DayXx

...or Thanksgiving for all you "normies"

And Rachael's Star Wars-a-thon she had at her place last weekend had no effect. Nah, not so ever. Nah...ahem....
As always I'm HanGhost...solo

Okay, maybe it had a LITTLE effect on me...


xXSystem OverloadXx

Another addition to the "Hear What Your Eyes Can See" series. This one also based on a Kanye West produced song, "Love Lockdown" off of his recently released album 808s & Heartbreak, which is surprisingly a decent album albeit it's incredible difference from his past albums. I advice everyone to take a listen to it even if you aren't a fan of Hip-Hop, R&B, or the such.

For this one, I did some experimenting mixing both traditional and digital (or as Don Kilpatrick calls it, "tradigital"). First I did the initial piece in watercolor on canvas paper and then I scanned it and did some tweaks and additions in Photoshop, and finally adding the letters in Illustrator. It was good experience and I just might try it out again when I get the chance.

Expect more for this series to come and no, they won't ALL be the Kanye songs. In fact here are some of the songs I'm THINKING of basing pieces off...
D'Angelo - "Devil Pie"
N.E.R.D. - "Anti Matter"
The Cool Kids - "Mikey Rocks"
Jay-Z - "99 Problems"
88-Keys - "21 & Over" f. Big Sean
Kid Cudi - "Day N' Nite"
Busta Rhymes - "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See" (the inspiration for the title of the series).

So stay tuned, true believers (that's right, I used that phrase again. Sue me!), and as always I'm Ghost...face


xXRevolutionary Blogging 101 x Comfort ZoneXx

"The Revolutionary Times" Crew's foray into the world of blogging is up and running. Check it out to dig into the minds of Brandon and I as we post our views on today's world along with favorite songs, books, Youtube moments, etc. So click the picture above to head to the spot and stay tuned, true believers.

Yeah, that's right. I said, "true believers." I believe in Stan Lee, dammit.

xXOut of My Comfort ZoneXx

I recently had an assignment from my Advanced Illustration & Design class where I and a group of other illustrators had to team up with a student in the Advertising department where we would create images for their projects. I was lucky enough to team up with Katie Delong to help design a spread for her book on greenwashing. It was a good experience and I'm glad I got to apart of the project.

And as always I'm Ghost...face


xXRev. Times - Barack to the FutureXx

xXRevolutionary Times - No. 10 "Barack to the Future"
Didn't I tell you that Revolutionary Times would have our two cents in on the election? Granted it's a bit late but still. Oh, and trips to Canada have been cancelled indefinitely. Shoot, do you know how many beautiful women Canada has given birth to? Why SHOULDN'T I want to live there?

And speaking of Revolutionary Times, Brandon and I have finally set up a blog for it. Oh, yes Blogger is about to taken ever Revolutionary style! We don't have any post up yet but we're working on it for sure so stay tuned! Click the pic to head over there.

So as always, peoples. I'm Ghost...face


xXKing Obama x The Dark Knight Show RewindXx

xXYes We DidXx

Him and said, "yes we can" and so what did the man do? He did it. Alright, "KING" is a bit of an overstatement, I know, I know. But if someone said to you that Barack didn't have a feeling of royalty on Nov. 4th then they'd probably be a "lying liar that tells lies" (c) Rachael. I don't have many words for the event (and I know I'm a week late) but I just foresee with my pre-cog powers a good change for the country and not JUST because our president is black (sidenote: Give Jeezy's song a rest, people!) but because he might just be the answer to the Years of Bush. But before the country betters, some of us gotta better ourselves first. 

...and I don't think hitting up the club the day AFTER election day was apart of that betterment process. AND I think we can stop with the nicknames by now (Barack Odrama, etc). Just a thought. In words of Sean Carter, "It's not for everybody..." 

And don't worry, Revolutionary Times will be having it's reaction strip sometime this week. Count on it. 

xRewind: The Dark Knight ShowXx

I've been meaning to actually do an rundown of the Dark Knight show that happened, but since I'm not a camera professional I didn't take any pictures. That's where camera extraordinaire Patrick Daly comes in. All these snaps are provided by his photogenicness so much props to him. Hey, you might even spot me in one of them. It's like playing "Where's Waldo," but with red and white strips replaced by a fitted hat and a hoodie...

As you see, the place was pretty crowded so I call the show a huge success. Much props to Pat throwing the idea out there and Chelsea for spearheading it into action AND for Jokering it up that day. And of course Matt, whose Joker costume was too spot on. If I had a picture I'd put it up on here. 

Also added two more songs to the playlist that I felt compelled to do so after listening to two great albums (Q-Tip's The Renaissance and 88-Keys' The Death of Adam). 
  • 88-Keys - M.I.L.F. (f. Bilal)
  • Q-Tip - "Move" 
And as always, I'm Barack OGhost...face (HA! I'm a hyprocite. Sue me!) 


xXMy Fellow Fresheners...Xx

...That is all. Do you want need to do. You know you NEED to do it. 

*prepares his After Election Riot Kit...just in case of course* 

Barack OGhost...face


xXR. Times - Hockey Mom SyndromeXx

xXThe Revolutionary Times - No. 09 : "The Hockey Mom Syndrome"Xx

Brandon and Sean's correspondents for the wild kingdom return just in time for the most important election of our lives. Do yourself a favor and go out and vote. I'm not going to go and TELL you who to vote for. I'm not Diddy. I'm not gonna have my bodyguards eat your entire family and commit you to serve me cheesecake and Cambodian breast milk for the end of time. Nah, never that. (although I think John is too much of a common for the next president, don't you think?). Either way you vote just make sure you go out there on this Tuesday and get it done.

And my first ever political rant in life ever has ended. Ghost...face